DSNNZ is offering New Zealand Dark Sky Places who are seeking IDA certification the opportunity to apply for specialist technical consulting support to assist with their application.

This support will be provided by Dr John Barentine, Principal Consultant at Dark Sky Consulting, LLC, who was formerly the Director of Conservation and Director of Public Policy for the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA). While at IDA, Dr Barentine helped certify both Aotea / Great Barrier Island and Rakiura / Stewart Island, while assisting others in various stages of progress toward completing their nominations. Through this work he has become familiar with relevant policies and procedures such as the AS/NZS standards and national lighting policies through, e.g., NZTA. In 2018, Dr Barentine visited New Zealand and made extensive field visits and contacts throughout the country’s dark-sky community. He also presented to government and local authorities on matters relating to dark sky preservation.

Through his consultancy, Dr Barentine offers a range of services including:

  • Assessing eligibility of NZ places for IDA accreditation
  • Suggesting specific policy changes in the NZ context required by IDA
  • Advising on specific pieces of IDA nominations, and/or substantially project-manage complete nomination efforts
  • Evaluating lighting plans
  • Guiding dark-sky site characterization, including night sky quality measurement and monitoring efforts

DSNNZ will assess the merits of a funding request, and for those selected it will fund initial input from Dr Barentine to help your ‘dark sky team’ prepare an application for IDA dark sky certification.

Please note that to be eligible for consideration you must be:

  • A member of DSNNZ
  • In the process of applying for IDA Certification


Funding for the provision of these services is available as a result of the generosity of the FYNROC TRUST charity.

If you would like to proceed you will need to complete the form below:

After receiving your application, it will be acknowledged and you will receive a call from a DSNNZ representative to discuss your application further. If your request is approved DSNNZ, will liaise with you and Dr Barentine and will also manage the payment logistics.