Dark Sky Network NZ

Preserving New Zealand's Night Skies
The aim of the Dark Sky Network NZ (DSNNZ) is to progress dark sky initiatives in New Zealand by providing a forum for certified and aspiring Dark Sky Places to share experiences, access resources, ask questions and get answers

Who is this site for?

Its for all who are interested in preserving New Zealand’s dark night skies. The site will be of particular value for those who are involved or interested in actively protecting the night sky in their part of New Zealand from the endless creep of light pollution

What is the light pollution and why should I care?

Light pollution is recognized as a form of pollution by the New Zealand government. It is the only form of pollution on which every individual can have an immediate and direct impact. This can be achieved by adopting good lighting practices.

What is the current state of NZ's Dark Skies?

They are still abundant in New Zealand. Over 53% of the land area enjoys pristine night skies and the Milky Way is visible from over 96% of the land area. 75% of the North Island and 93% of the South Island experience only low levels of light pollution.

So why do we need to take action?

Our night skies are under constant threat from new and stronger lighting. The Milky Way is no longer visible to 1/3 of humanity and 80% of the Europoeans and 99% of US population live under light polluted skies. We need to ensure this does not happen in New Zealand.